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OuVERTures Festival


Music to bring people together

As part of the OuVERTures Festival, this summer the Jean Monnet House is putting on three concerts which show how music has woven together the different sensibilities of the peoples of Europe through the ages. Stories we share, bits we’ve borrowed, favourites we’ve fallen in love with: it’s all there.

All three concerts will be held in the Jean Monnet House park (7 chemin du Vieux Pressoir, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne). 


Saturday, 31 July
15.00 (50 minutes)
The Pulcinella ensemble

This dynamic show will cast a new light on some age-old stories. A cellist, a dancer and a storyteller have put together a joyous, moving mix of words, music and dance to delve into our memories and inspire the imagination. It’s part breakdance, part baroque, and was inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book Women who Run with the Wolves.

Thursday, 19 August
The Embarkation for Cythera
The Baroque Nomade ensemble

Jean-Antoine Watteau’s paintings show much music-making. But how can that music be heard? What melodies are the duos and trios Watteau painted playing and singing? What tunes are the beautiful, happy-go-lucky maidens in the painting dancing to among the trees in the Regency gardens? Music can work its magic to bring us closer together. It can create an innocent yet flirtatious atmosphere whether we’re playing, singing or listening.


For more information see the OuVERTures Festival website:

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7 chemin du Vieux Pressoir, Houjarray
78490 Bazoches sur Guyonne, France