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Jean Monnet House
First floor interactive table

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition extends from the ground floor to the first floor of the House, via the conference room and the park.

The ‘Summary’ room

Jean Monnet House synthesis room

In this room you will be able to view a 12-minute documentary based on a rare collection of videos, and discover how Jean Monnet met leading political figures from all over the world, working tirelessly for his vision of a united Europe.

The ‘Retrospective’ room

The retrospective room

Through text, photo and video windows, the ‘Retrospective’ table will teach you more about every major step on Jean Monnet’s unique journey around the world, throughout the turbulent history of the 20th century.

The ‘Perspective’ room

In this room you can learn about Jean Monnet’s contribution to the launch and progression of the European project.

Jean Monnet House perspective room
the ‘Perspective’ table

By activating any one of the five independent keywords on the ‘Perspective’ table, visitors can learn more about the strengths of Jean Monnet’s ‘method’ and the actions undertaken by this remarkable figure, and then examine those same notions from a present-day perspective, since many of his achievements still have an impact on our day-to-day life in today’s European Union.

Jean Monnet House first floor binoculars
Look back in time to the year 1950

Through a pair of old binoculars you can look back in time to the year 1950 and see three men sitting comfortably beneath a tree in the park: they are Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet and Bernard Clappier, discussing their vision of European integration. Officially known as the Schuman Plan, this momentous idea kick-started what would later become the European Union.

The ‘Vision’ room

Jean Monnet House vision room

The visit ends with this small reflection and research room, where visitors can stop a while to read or reflect. A collection of dozens of reference works on European history and Europe’s key figures is available for consultation. It is also possible to connect to the European Parliament’s online data tools and databases.

The Hans-Gert Pöttering room in the conference centre

Opened in 2008 by the then President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering, in the presence of Jean Monnet’s family and the former European Parliament President and Italian Prime Minister Emilio Colombo, the conference room can host training courses and working sessions organised by the European institutions, as well as around 300 conferences a year for groups of visitors.

Jean Monnet House photo booth
Share a souvenir of your visit!

Enter your email address on the screen and pose in front of the camera. In a few moments you will receive an email of your photo, with a portrait of Jean Monnet and one of his most famous quotes to keep as a souvenir or to send to your friends or family!